The Bookshop screening and director Q&A

Posted Wednesday 12 Sep 2018

Wellingtonians, make the most of this opportunity to watch a great film and talk to it's director afterward! This event, hosted by Kathleen Winter and Marian Evans involves a screening of The Bookshop followed (at 9pm) by a live Skype discussion/Q & A with writer/director Isabel Coixet. Isabel is a prolific Spanish writer/director and her work includes award-winning features, documentaries and commercials and her personal work has complex women protagonists and often incorporates human rights themes. She is also a member of Spain's powerful group of activist women directors and president of the influential European Women's Audiovisual Network.

Wednesday 19 September 19 at 7 PM - 10 PM
Where: Te Auaha, 65 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington



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Pioneering films by women on show at the Academy

Posted Wednesday 12 Sep 2018

Aucklanders, catch a free screening of Merata Mita's masterpiece Mauri, at the Academy Cinema on Wednesday 19th September at 8:30pm. It's screening as part of There She Goes, a selection of pioneering films made by women in the latter-half of the 20th century, in which the material experiences of womanhood were critically represented and deconstructed through the medium of film. There She Goes endeavours to highlight the radical work done by women within the obstacle-ridden field of cinema.