The first speaker announced for this year's Big Screen Symposium

Posted Wednesday 12 Sep 2018

WIFT NZ is proud to be bringing the wonderful Anna Serner, Chief Executive of the Swedish Film Institute, and the instigator of 50:50 x 2020, to New Zealand as a keynote speaker in this year's BSS. This will be unmissable!

Anna Serner


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Welcome new members! (1)

Posted Wednesday 12 Sep 2018

We'd like to offer a warm welcome for our new members - we couldn't do what we do without your support, and for that, we thank you. So, welcome to:

Kim Matthews, Bonnie Mahon, Tarikura Kapea, Ilena Shadbolt, Courtney Allison, RamonTe Wake, Alex Glasspool, Anna Lissaman, Rouzie Hassanova, Janine Sowerby, Min Windle, Melanie Bishop, Oana Jones, Brooke Baker, Amanda McLean, Beatrice Hudson, Raegen Houldridge, Richard Hansen, Alexis Smith, Olivia McClymont, Ingrid Lauder, Kahli Scott, Jem Traylen, Lucy Graham, Mark Lapwood, Taos Myers, Lisa Ciniglio, Vanessa Patea, Sarah Anne Dudley, Eve Carvell, Ruth Korver, Oriini Kaipara, Pietra Brettkelly, Ngakopa Volkerling, Aileen Beale, Laura Gebbie, Alani Mckenna, Richard Parsonson, Madeleine Sheahan, Jo Smith, Samantha Sperlich, Sarah Allman, Letisha Tate-Dunning, Niva Kay and Ursula Williams.