VIDEO SLOT: Give Kate A Voice

Posted Wednesday 26 Sep 2018

This wonderful project which involved many Wifters, leads our lineup today. The interactive video Give Kate A Voice brings the suffragette Kate Sheppard's words to life. Among the almost all-female crew were Charlotte Evans, Vanessa Wells, Belinda Pflaum, Jill Macnab, Tammy Williams, Sarah Voon, Ainsley Calderwood and Emma Smart. The video celebrates the 125th anniversary of New Zealand becoming the first country in the world to give women the right to vote (19 September 1893). It features eight diverse and inspiring women performing edited extracts of Sheppard's speeches, and who represent the decades that have gone by since 1893. The video aims to shine a new light on the words that helped inspire a movement in New Zealand, and the world.

Watch Give Kate A Voice here


The actors and crew of Give Kate A Voice