Cannes film company seeks NZ partnerships for eco doco

Posted Wednesday 17 Apr 2019

Cannes-based Sevana Films seeks partnerships (co-producer, broadcaster, investor) in New Zealand to support its latest project Vahine Whaiwhai, a documentary on women who fight for ecology in the territories of Polynesia, Easter Island, Hawaii and New Zealand. In New Zealand, they plan to film Ingrid Visser and Melissa Cristina Marquez and follow their fights against pollution. Sevana Films' last documentary, Fenua Aihere, was shot in Polynesia and sold to France T�l�visions. Click here to watch Fenua Aihere

If you're interested in a partnership for this project please contact Ana�s Calmels CEO, producer Savana Films by emailing



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The forgotten women of film production

Posted Wednesday 17 Apr 2019

The meticulous, exhausting work of hand-colouring film was one of the first careers in film production available to artistic women, and they came to dominate the field at the turn of the 20th century. There are some amazing (but copyrighted so we couldn't share them) images in this article - check them out at the link below.