Female director data from South Pacific Pictures

Posted Monday 29 Apr 2019


This is data we love to see, from our member friends at South Pacific Pictures who are walking the talk.  The graph shows the gender split of their directors over the last four years. It's nice isn't it?!

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Get connected with WIFTI

Posted Monday 29 Apr 2019

Keep up with the play on all things WIFTI via the WIFTI Facebook group. It's a great way to network, share ideas and support, and to find out the latest on The Power Of Inclusion conference in October this year. There are 50 WIFT and WIFT-like networks on six of the seven continents* with more than 20,000 members, and WIFTI is the hub for all of these networks so click the link below and get connected!
*Antarctica is the only WIFT-free continent!