From Japan to the world: an animated talk with Jeff Wexler

Posted Wednesday 03 Apr 2019

Attention all Studio Ghibli fans: cancel your plans for this evening! Tonight, Script to Screen offers you a chance to hear Jeff Wexler share his insights into successfully bringing culturally specific stories to global audiences. Jeff is Chief, International at Studio Ponoc and former Chief, International/Board Director and current consultant at Studio Ghibli, both world-renowned for their ability to break into international markets and take seemingly unique Japanese stories worldwide. Jeff will share his ideas on embracing film localisation during the creative process and how doing so has supported growth of the global phenomenon that is Studio Ghibli and the launch of Studio Ponoc. Drawing on films from Studio Ghibli and Studio Ponoc, Jeff will delve into internationalising IP, the nuances of dubbing and subtitling, and the importance of building - and sticking to - a philosophy for localisation that prioritises creative integrity. The talk will be followed by a special private screening of Studio Ponoc's latest production, the anthology feature Modest Heroes: Ponoc Short Films Theatre Volume 1 (53 mins).

When: 6:30pm, Wednesday 3 April
Where: Academy Cinemas, 44 Lorne St, Auckland

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