Kea Kids News receives NZOA funding

Posted Wednesday 03 Apr 2019

A news programme presented by primary school-age children has received NZ On Air funding for a series on TVNZ's HeiHei platform. The pilot news project Kea Kids News will receive up to $1million in funding from the $4 million in the 2018 Budget extra allocation to NZ On Air for under-served audiences. Kea Kids News will see seven minute audio-visual bulletins produced twice per week and shown on Heihei. The bulletins will feature age-appropriate articles and will be presented in a way which kids understand. Kea Kids News will provide a kid's view of current affairs and source its tamariki journalists through a variety of primary schools across the country beginning with the Manaiakalani Trust education programme. The idea was formed by Luke Nola and Friends, who also created Let's Get Inventin' and Nanogirl & The Imaginauts.


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