Five tips for applying to Fresh Shorts

Posted Monday 05 Aug 2019

A great short film can launch a career! The good folk at Script To Screen have put together some helpful tips so you can put your best foot forward in your Fresh Shorts applications.

1. Don't leave it until the last minute!
Start work on your application NOW. It's just 24 days until the Fresh Shorts application portal closes on August 19 and the deadline will come up fast. A great application takes lots of thought and attention to detail. Last-minute applications are often rushed and the readers can tell. Put your best foot forward and begin the process now.

2. sign up for the online application portal
Fresh Shorts applications must be submitted via the Script to Screen online portal. Sign up today, familiarise yourself with the portal, and take a look at the online application form. Things can and do go wrong when registering or filling in your application and you definitely don't want to be dealing with technical problems at the last minute.

3. Read all the online material
There's a wealth of information to help you at the Script to Screen website. Read the guidelines, pointers, samples and other information before starting your application. It will help you focus on what matters. If you have questions after you've read all the information you can contact the Fresh Shorts Facilitator at

4. Proofread your application
Know the different between "it's" and "its"? Not everyone's great at this and that's ok, but your application will shine that little bit brighter if you get a grammar/spelling nerd or proofreader to check your work before you push the button. Our shortlist readers will be looking for unique voices, but spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos indicate you are not paying attention to detail which is crucial when it comes to film production.

5. Score an 'A'
Fresh Shorts is a highly competitive fund which means your script and application must be exceptional.  Make yourself a checklist that might include questions like: is it a fresh idea, is it cinematic, does the director have a clear vision that has been well articulated, have I described how talented our team is, is the budget feasible? Around 10% of applicants will be funded to make their film and the 90th percentile get there by talent, hard work and persistence. Be one of those!

Applications close 1pm, Monday 19 August, 2019.