How can cinema attract younger audiences?

Posted Tuesday 10 Dec 2019

It's an issue that affects us all: the number of younger people going to movies is declining, so can the film industry halt the decline of young audiences in cinemas? Film industry data hound Stephen Follows surveyed 1,000 11-to-15-year-olds in the UK, looking at their attitudes and interactions with cinema-going and crunched the numbers in a literature review of 47 existing studies into young audiences.

Click here to check out his rather surprising findings

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Wifters receive NZOA funding for comedy and horror series

Posted Tuesday 10 Dec 2019

We're glad to see more hardworking Wifters have been funded by New Zealand On Air in the last funding round of 2019. Tikilounge receives up to $660,000 for Aitu for Prime, and Brown Sugar Apple Grunt receives up to $500,000 for Good Grief for TVNZ On Demand. Good Grief is a new comedy series about two millennial sisters who inherit a small town funeral home from their koro, while Aitu is a contemporary horror series based on supernatural legends from the Pacific islands.