Free seminars on writing TV drama pilots

Posted Wednesday 20 Feb 2019

Hundreds of pilots sell to networks and streaming services every year. What's stopping you from selling your idea? If you're keen to learn how to write a TV pilot, NoFilmSchool's Jason Hellerman will show you how, with six weeks of online tuition. And it's free!



Breaking Bad's Walter White in a scene from the series' pilot


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Cannes accreditation now open

Posted Wednesday 20 Feb 2019

Register now for your accreditation to the Cannes Film Festival and grab the earlybird rate before 1 March! Registering via the Marche du Film means you'll get a number of benefits from complimentary croissants and coffee to priority line access to screenings, and invites to networking events and industry workshops.
There are several different kinds of accreditation, and prices depend on when you pay so click here for more deals and details