A special NZIFF edition of eNews!

Posted Sunday 07 Jul 2019

We're thrilled to bring you our special New Zealand International Film Festival edition of e-news! There are so many of you involved in various ways in the NZIFF films and we'd just like to say, while we can't name you all, we acknowledge the hard work and commitment you all put into creating these wonderful stories. Today's e-news highlights all the films at this year's NZIFF in which WIFT members played a key role: directing, producing, writing, acting, shooting. In the listings that follow, in random order, we're highlighting the features and shorts of WIFT members. Make room in your diary for the cultural event of the winter season! NZIFF 2019 has 150+ features and short film films screening in 13 centres from 18 July - 15 September.

Click here to find out what films are playing in your town
, grab some cash for an icecream, and go along to support your fellow Wifters! See you there!


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NZOA reports more diversity in key creative roles

Posted Sunday 07 Jul 2019

While that's good news for the screen and music production industries, however the NZOA report also says that Asian screen creatives, and women in music are still underrepresented. For some interesting stats, check out the helpful diagram below, or click here to read the report.

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