Miranda Harcourt headlines mammoth MIFF seminars

Posted Sunday 07 Jul 2019

Acting coach Miranda Harcourt joins acclaimed Hollywood-based story consultant Bobette Buster and London-based film culture tsar Adrian Wootton in headlining the biggest-ever collection of ticketed and open-to-the-public talks and seminars from the Melbourne International Film Festival's MIFF 37�South Market & Accelerator Lab. Suitable for film and media students, aspiring and existing screen practitioners, and film culture aficionados. Just a short flight across the Tasman, this event is not to be missed!



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WIN tickets to Capital in the 21st Century

Posted Sunday 07 Jul 2019

We have a double pass to give away to Capital in the 21st Century, directed by Kiwi Justin Pemberton, co-produced by Catherine Madigan, and screening at the NZIFF.

Thomas Piketty's 700-page book Capital in the 21st Century is an account of how concentrated wealth shapes the world. Pemberton presents Piketty's thesis crisply and engagingly and relays the story in saturated, pop art-style colours, blending archival footage with film sequences into an almost hallucinatory cocktail, as if the bizarre excesses of wealth defied realistic description.

To be in the draw to win, click here to watch the trailer and answer the question below:
Complete this sentence by Gillian Tett (US managing editor, Financial Times): The way the elite stays in power, is also by shaping the way that we ...?
A) Eat
B) Shop
C) Think

Email your answer in the subject line to office@wiftnz.org.nz by 5pm Friday 12 July 2019. Only winners will be notified, by email.