Spotlighting Short Connections Wifters at the NZIFF

Posted Sunday 07 Jul 2019

And check out the wonderful work of these Wifters in the Short Connections section at the NZIFF!

WALK_A_MILE_GRADED_STILLS_4096x1716_0013 KEY-0-640-0-360-crop

Walk a Mile
, director and screenplay Judith Cowley, producer Sarah Anne Dudley
A grumpy old man hates living next door to a noisy family. All he wants is peace and quiet. That is until something happens to his neighbours.

MF 3 KEY-0-640-0-360-crop

Memory Foam
, producer Elspeth Grant
A married middle-aged couple are shopping for a new bed, only to discover that their bed is not the only thing they have outgrown.

Unknown KEY-0-640-0-360-crop

, director Armagan Ballantyne, screenplay Armagan Ballantyne, Maria Ines Manchego, photography Maria Ines Manchego
A young woman surprises her brother and friends when she suddenly returns to her small hometown with a secret.

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Catch these NZIFF films with Wifters at the helm

Posted Sunday 07 Jul 2019

Support your fellow WIFTers and come along to their fabulous films screening at the New Zealand International Film Festival! Here are seven NZIFF feature films with WIFTers at the helm, in one way or another!


Capital In The 21st Centrury, co-producer Catherine Madigan

A sweeping - and sobering - account of the way that concentrated wealth has both shaped our past and is creating a deeply unequal future. Based on economist Thomas Piketty's bestselling book of the same name.


cometodaddy2 KEY-0-520-0-390-crop

Come to Daddy, producer Emma Slade

Kiwi director (and NZIFF/Incredibly Strange programmer) Ant Timpson's deranged comic thriller about a father-son reunion that goes very, very south.

bellbird1 KEY-0-520-0-390-crop

Bellbird, producer Catherine Fitzgerald and actor Rachel House

Hamish Bennett's beautifully judged, poignantly funny drama of life and community on a struggling Northland family dairy farm.

By the Balls_Publicity Photo_John Kirwan IV-0-520-0-390-crop

By The Balls, producer and co-director Charlotte Purdy

Sport and politics most definitely do mix in this gripping look back at a brutal and turbulent time for New Zealand rugby, told from the point of view of the players themselves including David Kirk and Buck Shelford.

IMG_9530 KEY-0-520-0-390-crop

For My Father's Kingdom, producer and co-director Vea Mafile'o

An intimate, clear-eyed documentary centred on the faith, love and fatherhood of Saia Mafile'o, and his four children.


68 KEY2-0-520-0-390-crop

Helen Kelly - Together
, producer Catherine Fitzgerald

An intimate, inspirational portrait of Helen Kelly in the last year of her life, Together tells the story of a woman whose advocacy and generosity changed the lives of countless New Zealanders.

Peter With Camera KEY-0-520-0-390-crop

Peter Peryer: The Art Of Seeing, director and producer Shirley Horrocks

A richly illustrated portrait of the life and career of one of New Zealand's most important photographers, who dedicated his life to seeing and making works of art out of the everyday.

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