Time is ticking on your Rangatahi Film Fund submission

Posted Wednesday 17 Jul 2019

Get your submissions in for the newly launched Rangatahi Film Fund! Doc Edge and the Rei Foundation have teamed up to offer support for documentary films targeted at kids aged 11 - 17. There's up to $80,000 available to support four projects being made for the younger generation. They're looking for creative, artful, compelling and innovative storytelling techniques, with an emphasis on the story not the lesson or agenda of the filmmaker. Submissions close on 31 July 2019.



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Wifters present Doc Edge clinic on post pitch and production

Posted Wednesday 17 Jul 2019

Here's a Doc Edge clinic for filmmakers looking to move their documentary projects from the development phase into production. After the pitching process, filmmakers may have questions about how to move their projects into production. Find out from Leanne Pooley (below left, from Spacific Films) and Karin Williams (below right, from Multinesia Productions) how to follow through on the feedback from your pitch, whether your story needs to change focus, how to create an audience engagement plan, how to find and attach a producer and find funding, whether you need to sort out a crew yet...and much more!

When: Saturday, 3 August 2019, 10am - 1pm
Where: The University of Auckland