Help crowdfund Wheeler's The Middle Wife

Posted Saturday 08 Jun 2019

Support a fellow Wifter on a filmmaking journey! Tanya Wheeler has written and co-produced (with Kahra Scott-James who's also on sound design) The Middle Wife, a ghost story set in 1910. A young wife who just wants her dead body to be buried, instead of left like trash under her husband's house. As a ghost, she tries various ways to try to reveal her husband's abuse, especially after he brings home another young wife. Tanya and the team are looking for $8000 so click here if you can help!


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Women of Influence Awards 2019 nominations now open

Posted Saturday 08 Jun 2019

We're sure you know of some deserving women for this award and now is the time to get nominating! There are ten award categories - Arts & Culture, Board & Management, Business Enterprise, Community Hero, Diversity, Global, Innovation, Science & Health, Public Policy, Rural and Young Leader. Nominations close 15 July, 2019.

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