NZFC announces scholarship for Pacific Island women writers

Posted Sunday 09 Jun 2019

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The New Zealand Film Commission has posted its annual Gender Scholarship Award call out and this year it's for Pacific Island Women Writers. Nominations close at 12 noon on Friday 21 June. The Award will offer a scholarship or scholarships up to the value of $50,000. (The scholarship could be one grant of $50,000 or two of $25,000 this will be decided by the recommendation panel.) The award is a grant aimed at supporting Pacific Women writers to progress their career - whatever that means for them personally. Once awarded Talent Development would work with recipients to look at what might be useful to implement. The grant is intended to be flexible and bespoke. Applications for this award are by nomination - writers can self-nominate or another person can nominate the writer. Talent Development are hoping to find out about as many writers as possible so get applying and nominating, it's all valuable information! Reminder: nominators and applicants will have to register on the NZFC Tahua portal (if they haven't already) before they can fill out the application.



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Help crowdfund Wheeler's The Middle Wife

Posted Sunday 09 Jun 2019

Support a fellow Wifter on a filmmaking journey! Tanya Wheeler has written and co-produced (with Kahra Scott-James who's also on sound design) The Middle Wife, a ghost story set in 1910. A young wife who just wants her dead body to be buried, instead of left like trash under her husband's house. As a ghost, she tries various ways to try to reveal her husband's abuse, especially after he brings home another young wife. Tanya and the team are looking for $8000 so click here if you can help!