Apply now for Doc Impact Hi 5

Posted Wednesday 06 Mar 2019

Calling all documentary makers! The 2019 edition of #docimpacthi5 is now open. This award (formerly known as Doc Impact Award) celebrates independent documentary films that have created real world impact. Five films will be granted $5,000, and then suitably celebrated by the community with the publication of a major impact case study about the film and its influence in the world. If you think your team has put your film to work then you should apply!
The deadline is 29 March, 2019.

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Hui to focus on the Maori screen industry

Posted Wednesday 06 Mar 2019

If you're interested in, and concerned about the future of film, television and internet content - and we know that you are -then clear a space in your diary for the Ng? Aho Whakaari Hui A Tau annual conference on Saturday March 16. The Hui-A-Tau comes at a time of great change for the screen industry and Ng? Aho Whakaari sees this as a crucial time to make plans for the future. NAW chair Hineani Melbourne says it's a "turbulent" time to be working in the M?ori screen industry. "This one-day intensive focus on the M?ori screen industry is essential if we are to survive and thrive."
Speakers include Larry Parr of Te Mangai Paho, Jane Wrightson of NZ on Air and Annabelle Sheehan of the NZ Film Commission. Topics up for discussion include pitching ideas to market, directing actors, and the cost of keeping news & journalism alive in this click and share world.
When: Saturday 16 March from 9am-7pm
Where: the Hollywood Cinema, 20 St Georges Rd Avondale, Auckland

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