Calling Maori and Pacific Island creatives for Nga Pouwhenua

Posted Monday 18 Mar 2019

2020 marks the 250th anniversary of James Cook's maiden voyage to the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia and the advent of colonisation in the region. The New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) and Screen Australia's Indigenous Department have teamed up for a one-off joint initiative supporting a creative collaboration between indigenous peoples of the Pacific region impacted by Cook's arrival. The NZFC is inviting M?ori and/or Pacific Islander key creatives to apply for Ng? Pouwhenua, the New Zealand arm of this initiative. A producer can be attached but this is not a requirement. This initative will support the development and production of eight narrative short films (not documentary), four from New Zealand and four from Australia, that will make up a single anthology feature exploring indigenous perspectives related to the arrival of Cook.

The deadline for applications is Friday April 5th.



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NZOA funding for HEIHEI

Posted Monday 18 Mar 2019

NZ On Air has confirmed funding for nine new projects for HEIHEI, the safe, ad-free online platform created by TVNZ and NZ On Air for children's content. In the March funding round NZ On Air called for applications for new games for primary school-aged children, and has selected seven of the 29 applications. In addition, through the Canada NZ Digital Media Fund, NZ On Air will support two new projects for children: Bug Hunter! a web series and game which follows an entomologist as she compares and contrasts the insects of NZ and Canada and encourages children to explore and learn about bugs; and Kids Cookout, a webseries and game which will explore rich multicultural culinary traditions via backyard cookouts.

Here's the who, what and how much from NZOA:

I Spy
, Resn, up to $131,200
Kids race against the clock to find objects and animals within lively illustrated NZ scenes.

Tahi Two
, Adrenalin Group, up to $129,808
A memory game that helps to expand vocabulary and knowledge.

Hoko Helper,
Vanishing Point Studio, up to $123,000
A meal/shopping game that teaches users financial literacy and healthy food choices.

Riddle + Squizz Eye Spies Learning Game
, RDYSTDY, up to $149,962
A suite of educational toy-like interactions and activities with a focus on exploration and experimentation.

Count My Cube
, Metia Interactive, up to $147,500
An educational puzzle game set in a zero-gravity 3D cubic world.

, Resn, up to $132,020
A musical toy featuring local artists that allows children to experiment with music and beat creation.

Flying Kiwis
, Adrenalin Group, up to $149,331
An arcade game featuring a Kiwi who has to jump and run from a predator.

And from the Canada NZ Digital Media Fund
Bug Hunter!, 12 x 8 mins + AR app + online game, The Gibson Group, up to $220,000
Kids Cookout, 8 x 7 mins + game and recipe videos, CAB Productions, up to $180,000