Catch Wifter surfing doco while you can

Posted Wednesday 20 Mar 2019

This surfing doco is not just about chasing barrels, but about people's connection to the ocean. Support a fellow Wifter and go along to see Emocean, edited (from off-line to online) by Wellington-based freelancer Trinity Ludlow-Hudson, and directed by Australia's Tony Harrington. The documentary has featured in 15 international surf and film festivals around the world, and recently sold out in New Zealand for the Aotearoa Surf Festival.

Director and filmmaker Harrington is quoted as saying, "The stories in the film are mainly about how time in the water makes people feel. It's also about respect for the marine environment and its creatures and why as surfers we are drawn to this mystical, powerful and special place on our planet that is our oceans."A cut down version is currently touring with the World Ocean Tour, with screenings in all major cities starting from 4 April.


IMAGE/ a still from Emocean