Maoriland Tech Creative Hub opens Friday

Posted Tuesday 14 May 2019

Here's another fantastic reason to visit sunny ?taki: the Korakora Matihiko, a two-week expo opening on Friday. Enjoy indigenous games, animation, VR and 360, rangatahi workshops and public k?rero. Korakora Matihiko runs from 17 May 17 - 1 June at the M?oriland Hub in ?taki. It's the opening event for the M?oriland Charitable Trust's M.A.T.C.H (M?oriland 'AHI' Tech Creative Hub), set up to enable and mentor rangatahi to be leaders in the creative tech industry.

Opening hours (by koha):
Launch event: Friday 17 May 6:30 - 9 pm
Tuesday: Friday 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm

Where: M?oriland Hub, 68 Main St, ?taki

Click here for more information and the Korakora Matihiko programme



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Whetu Fala wins 2019 WIFT NZ Mana Wahine award

Posted Tuesday 14 May 2019

We're thrilled to announce that Whetu Fala is the very worthy recipient of the 2019 WIFT NZ Mana W?hine Award! Whetu is Ng? Rauru, Ng?ti Maniapoto, Ng?ti Maru ki Taranaki, Samoa, Rotuma. Her award will be presented at the Wairoa M?ori Film Festival Gala Awards dinner on Saturday 1 June. Click here to see the Wairoa M?ori Film Festival programme.

Here's a little about why Whetu is this year's WIFT NZ Mana W?hine Award recipient:
Whetu Fala is an entrepreneur and creative, infused with te wairua auaha, the creative spirit. She has owned Fala Media for over twenty years. Whetu has produced, directed and edited hundreds of hours of television, including drama, documentaries, reality series and short films since starting at TVNZ in 1988.
Whetu has a background in theatre as an actor. Her work includes a Young M?ori in Performance season at the Sydney Opera House, and her own theatre company, He Oriori mo ng? Tamariki, toured to Storytellers International, Alburqerque, New Mexico. She has graced the screen in numerous films and television series, and is a founding member of Taki Rua Theatre, Te Manu Aute M?ori in Film, Women in Film & Television Wellington, Ng? Aho Whakaari M?ori Screen Guild, and Pacific Islanders in Film & Television A?tearoa.
In 2016 Whetu was appointed to the Board of M?ori Television. She also sits on the Boards of Ng? Taonga Sound and Vision and Te Puna Ataata (the New Zealand Film Heritage Trust). Most recently she has returned to her home town of Whanganui to take on the position of Manager for Awa FM, promoting the stories and language cadence of the Whanganui River region to the world.
As an aside, she was one of the case studies in a PhD documentary, entitled 'Emancipatory M?ori entrepreneurship in screen production' (Henry, 2012), where she said, "I would say to other M?ori and Pacifica, mahia te mahi, you are what you do, not what you say you do", and that is exactly what Whetu has been doing for over thirty years, mentoring, coaching, supporting, guiding, collaborating, creating, bursting through glass ceilings, and doing it all with a joy for life, a sharp intellect, an acerbic sense of humour, and a great love of people, which is a privilege to behold. She encapsulates everything that is Mana W?hine."
- WIFT NZ, with thanks to Ella Henry.

"Whetu Fala is a tireless advocate for both Maori and Pasifika film making, and has been so for many many decades. An award to Whetu is a cause for reflection to the early days of Maori film, radio and television, as Whetu was there from the beginning (she starred in "Te Rua" by Barry Barclay back in 1991). Whetu is of Ng? Rauru, Ng?ti Maniapoto, Ng?ti Maru ki Taranaki, Samoa, and Rotuma descent. An award to Whetu is a cause for celebration for both M?oridom and Pasifika communities, to in particular celebrate the unique place Whetu has had weaving her diverse communities together."
- Leo Koziol, Festival Director, Wairoa M?ori Film Festival