NZOA July 2019 funding round open today

Posted Wednesday 01 May 2019

Better make your application stand out from the crowd - NZOA says it's gearing up for lots of applications for its July funding round which opens today! In response to industry feedback NZOA is capping the funding committed in this round to ensure there's enough left in the pot for later rounds. Here's how the pie is divided:

Factual: Around $9m available. Genres prioritised in this round include Documentary, Information, Events and Regional Media. Development applications for complex factual projects will be accepted in this round.

Scripted: Around $16m available.
Scripted applications for two of the investment strands (Premier and Sustainable) of the Scripted Roadmap will be considered. Development applications for both strands of content development (Mainstream and Diverse) will be considered.

Important dates:
Aplication deadline is 30 May at 4pm. Round closes.
Applicants notified on 18 July, but this date may be extended at NZ On Air's sole discretion.

Click here for more July funding round information