Powerful local webseries moves into post-production

Posted Tuesday 28 May 2019

We're looking forward to seeing this new local webseries produced by Craig Gainsborough and featuring Rene Sheridan, which has wrapped principal photography this month. With a five-episode story arc, the debut season of R?rangi will explore issues that directly affect the trans community, including important conversations about mental health, familial tensions, and the impact we have on the environment.

Webseries 1

L-R: Arlo Green (Jem), Elz Carrad (Caz), and ?whina-Rose Ashby (Anahera) star in R?rangi


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DEGNZ Directing Masterclass with acting coach Howard Fine

Posted Tuesday 28 May 2019

Aucklanders, make the most of this opportunity to experience a Directing Masterclass with renowned acting coach Howard Fine. For more than 25 years Fine has built an unshakable reputation as one of the most gifted acting teachers of his generation. In this Directing Masterclass, Fine will supervise the directors to work with an ensemble of paired actors on pre-selected scenes. He'll teach directors how to articulate their visions in a way that allows actors to live authentically within the world of the script. He focuses on areas of personalisation, technique, script analysis and insights into authentic human behaviour.

When: Sunday 23 June, 9am - 6pm
Where: TBC, Auckland
Application deadline: 9am, Wednesday 5 June, 2019


IMAGE/ supplied. Howard Fine