Smart Fone Flick Fest 2019 entries open

Posted Tuesday 28 May 2019

Australia's Smartphone Film Festival 2019 wants your short, feature and 360/VR films! The only catch is they must be completely shot on smartphones or tablets - but that's no barrier for a Wifter is it? There's $AUD40k worth of prizes up for grabs! Entries close 1 August, 2019.


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Why so few female film critics?

Posted Tuesday 28 May 2019

About 47% of all registered French journalists are women, yet just 37% of the 611 journalists who wrote a film review in the past year were female. This statistic, and plenty more, was revealed at the first Women on the Move day which took in Cannes recently, one year on from the launch of the 50/50 gender parity pledge. The event was the launch of a new initiative to gather Europe-wide data on the gender balance of film critics.