Which countries most commonly team up for coproductions?

Posted Wednesday 01 May 2019

Though New Zealand seems to have dropped off the planet, this report still makes for interesting reading for those of you interested in co-productions. Take a look at which countries most frequently team up to create film co-productions, both official and unofficial, in this report by film data hound Stephen Follows.


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Cannes gets a little more inclusive

Posted Wednesday 01 May 2019

The Cannes official selection has been announced, and four women will have their work in the main competition at Cannes this year, reports Variety.com. They are Atlantique by Mati Diop, Little Joe by Jessica Hausner, Sibyl by Justine Triet, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire by C�line Sciamma. That may seem like a paltry number, but it's the best showing since 2011 and represents more than 21% of the 19 competition entries that have been announced so far. Also, that 21% is up from 14% in 2018 and 16% in 2017; it could also improve if more competition titles are added at a later date, as is often the case. Overall, 13 female directors are represented in the 47-film official selection. Two of the women were co-directors on the same film.