Factual funding from NZOA benefits Wifters

Posted Wednesday 02 Oct 2019

A swagload of members received funding from what NZ On Air called an "outstanding selection" of applications. In the latest factual content funding round, 18 projects for screen and five for radio have been commissioned, including favourite returning series, and fresh projects. Here are the funding details for projects involving Wift members:

Tikilounge Productions receives up to $133,348 for Multi Nesians for Coconet.tv
Scottie Douglas Productions receives up to $125,000 for Whitiki! for M?ori Television

Attitude Pictures receives up to $1,934,400 for Attitude 2020 for TVNZ 1 and up to $1,734,630 for Fresh 2020 for TVNZ 2
Sunpix receives up to $1,781,974 for Tagata Pasifika 2020 for TVNZ 1
Notable Pictures receives up to $730,530 for Arranged 3 for Three, and up to $171,745 for Loading Docs: Revolution for TVNZ On Demand
Greenstone TV receives up to $445,220 for Go Further South for Prime