Geena Davis on damaging stereotypes of women onscreen

Posted Wednesday 02 Oct 2019

A study by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media found that in film, women were four times more likely than men to be shown naked. The research analysed the 56 top-grossing films of 2018 in 20 countries. The promises of positive change for women on screen that followed her role in the groundbreaking film Thelma and Louise have failed to materialise, leaving girls today with few role models, Davis told The Guardian.



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Wifters nominated for Show Me Shorts 2019

Posted Wednesday 02 Oct 2019

We were thrilled to see that female filmmakers have taken out all the nominations in four of the eight award categories for the Show Me Shorts awards! Here's the breakdown: four women are nominated for the DEGNZ Best Director award; three female writers are nominated for the Final Draft Best Screenplay award; and four actresses are nominated for their outstanding performances in competition for the Toi Whakaari Best Actor award. "Happily, this year nearly half the 63 films selected for this year's Show Me Shorts are directed by women. So we are moving in the right direction," festival director Gina Dellabarca said.

Here are the Wifters involved:

Department of Post Best NZ Film
Elspeth Grant for Memory Foam

DEGNZ Best Director
Arma?an Ballantyne for Hush

Final Draft Best Screenplay
Judith Cowley for Walk a Mile
Rachel Ross for Number Two

Panavision Best Cinematographer
Maria In�s Manchego for Ani and for Hush

NZ On Air Best Music Video
Amanda Jane Robinson for One By the Venom
Winnie Dumell for Rock Bottom

Winners will be announced Saturday 5 October, 2019 - watch this space!

ShowMeShorts Trailer