Four projects selected for Scripted series drama development

Posted Tuesday 17 Sep 2019

Congratulations to four members whose scripted series projects have been awarded funding from NZ On Air and the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC). We're looking forward to seeing the work of Shoshana McCallum, Robin Scholes, Kelly Martin and Desray Armstrong whose projects will receive $80,000 each from the funding partnership Raupapa Whakaari: Drama to the World, an initiative to support writer/producer teams to develop distinctive, high-end scripted series drama with international and domestic appeal. Here's a bit more about the projects:

All Of Me, Shoshana McCallum Depressed and ready to end it all, Lauren orders an illegal clone to replace her. But when she messes up the process and gets three unsatisfactory duplicates, she is forced to stick around and deal with herselves.

Ashes and Prophets, Robin Scholes:
Arson, kidnapping and murder engulf a small New Zealand town, as a Maori rastafarian sect exacts revenge for historical land theft.

Drunk Poetry, Desray Armstrong: Newly separated and in her forties, Lizzie discovers she has the emotional brain of a fourteen-year-old.  Now she has to grow up all over again.

Rockburn, Kelly Martin: Trauma  experienced as a teenager on her family farm, Rockburn, reverberates throughout three distinct ages of Celia Ray's life. Now, a social worker in her 50s, she must confront her past to save a young girl's future.

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Online tool helps you find your Narrative Muse

Posted Tuesday 17 Sep 2019

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If you're looking for more movies and books by women and non-binary people, look no further than this Wift member's latest project! Brough Johnson has co-founded Narrative Muse, a NZ-made platform created to connect audiences with women authors' and filmmakers' work and foster a sense of community between like-minded people. The Narrative Muse matchmaker is an online tool to help you discover your next favourite book or movie made by women and non-binary folk. Drawing from a diverse team of impassioned watchers and readers around the world Narrative Muse caters to your specific appetite based on a short introductory survey.