Help Marbrook finish Loimata by giving it a BOOST!

Posted Monday 16 Sep 2019


In Loimata, Kiwi filmmaker Anna Marbrook honours the last journey of the great waka maker, sailor, voyager and mentor,  Ema Siope (pictured above). At six feet tall, with incredible strength, gender-fluid Ema was one of the few women in the world who could captain and build ocean going waka hourua - traditional twin-hulled sailing canoes. She traversed oceans to revive a voyaging past obliterated and silenced by colonisation. She was dignosed with breast cancer, but before she died, she wanted to rekindle her family's fractured connection to their homeland Samoa. Sadly Ema passed away on 25 August, aged 52, but Marbrook and her team are determined to finish the film and are launching a BOOSTED fund-raising drive to seek help in completing the edit of this feature length documentary.

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Rehearsal and performance workshop with Caroline Bell-Booth

Posted Monday 16 Sep 2019

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Here's a great opportunity to further polish your directing skills. Director Caroline Bell-Booth (pictured above) will moderate DEGNZ-hosted Rehearsal & Performance workshops in Christchurch, Auckland and Welllington this month. The Rehearsal & Performance series provides regular opportunities for directors and actors to practise their craft. Each workshop brings in an experienced moderator to guide participants as they explore a workshop scene in groups (one director, two actors) in a safe and non-pressured environment. Bell-Booth started out creating theatre and quickly made a name for herself as a director of vision excelling at complex character projects. She has gone on to direct several blocks of the local TV series 800 Words, two episodes of The Bad Seed and was lead director of Westside season 5. This year, she joined Channel 7's ambitious new drama Between Two Worlds from the creative team behind Foxtel's A Place To Call Home.

Here are the dates you'll need to know, please note that Christchurch and Auckland registrations close Friday 27 September, 10am, Wellington registrations close Friday 4 October, 10 am.

Christchurch - Saturday 12 October, 2019
Auckland - Sunday 13 October, 2019
Wellington - Saturday 19 October, 2019

DEGNZ / Equity members are free, $69 for non-members