NZOA funds Wifters telling unique NZ stories

Posted Monday 30 Sep 2019

Watch out for more Wifters' work onscreen soon! NZ On Air's September funding round will support Black Hands, which will depict the month leading up to the 1994 Bain family murders through the eyes of the victims and the accused. Set to screen on TVNZ 1, this five-part series is produced by Robin Scholes and Warner Bros, and aims to leave it up to viewers to make up their own minds as to who was more likely to have been responsible for the murders. Meanwhile Stella Film with producers Alex Cole-Baker and Robin Laing will receive funding for the feature film Poppy, which casts a young woman with Down Syndrome as the lead character. Poppy, which will screen on TVNZ 1, introduces audiences to a young woman who assumes she is entitled to live her life like everyone else.