Boosted to introduce live streaming

Posted Wednesday 15 Apr 2020

Put this date in your diaries! On 24 April Boosted Live is going live. It'll be a place where you can live stream your creative mahi (be it a reading, a 'living room' dance, a gig in your bedroom, or a showcase of your creative process) and be fairly remunerated for it. And if creatives just want to live stream (and not raise funds) they can simply choose a low target. If there are some arts organisations or artists that don't need to raise funds, they might live stream to raise funds for others!

And there are a few other new things happening over the next three months in Boosted:

For the first time ever, the 'all or nothing' structure will be gone, so crowdfunding creatives get to keep all of their donations (minus the 10% Boosted fee), whether they reach their target or not. Now is a great time to trial crowdfunding!

Instead of running standard one-month campaigns for specific creative projects, artists can now:

- Run their crowdfunding campaign for any time frame (from two hours for your live stream, to four weeks).

- Have the option to showcase their work via live steam at multiple times during their campaign, while they crowdfund.

- Record their live stream for their audience to watch at a later date.

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