Boosted to introduce live streaming

Posted Wednesday 15 Apr 2020

Put this date in your diaries! On 24 April Boosted Live is going live. It'll be a place where you can live stream your creative mahi (be it a reading, a 'living room' dance, a gig in your bedroom, or a showcase of your creative process) and be fairly remunerated for it. And if creatives just want to live stream (and not raise funds) they can simply choose a low target. If there are some arts organisations or artists that don't need to raise funds, they might live stream to raise funds for others!

And there are a few other new things happening over the next three months in Boosted:

For the first time ever, the 'all or nothing' structure will be gone, so crowdfunding creatives get to keep all of their donations (minus the 10% Boosted fee), whether they reach their target or not. Now is a great time to trial crowdfunding!

Instead of running standard one-month campaigns for specific creative projects, artists can now:

- Run their crowdfunding campaign for any time frame (from two hours for your live stream, to four weeks).

- Have the option to showcase their work via live steam at multiple times during their campaign, while they crowdfund.

- Record their live stream for their audience to watch at a later date.

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Next Up...

The M?oriland pitch is now online!

Posted Wednesday 15 Apr 2020


This is a fabulous opportunity for M?ori filmmakers from rangatahi to those who are established to turn your brilliant idea into a production-ready project!

Pre registration is necessary - only invited filmmakers will be able to pitch on the day.

You must register by Thursday 23 April, 2020.

Selected pitches will be notified on the 24 April, 2020.

Pitch will take place live via Zoom on 27 April, 2020.

The M?oriland Pitch is open to filmmakers based in Aotearoa only.

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Here's some helpful info on the categories and prizes:


2x $500 rangatahi pitch prizes

M?oriland is looking for two original short film ideas (any genre) OR animation projects from rangatahi aged 12-24. One of the pitch awards will be for a film in Te Reo M?ori. The pitch prize winners are expected to use their p?tea to turn their short film into a script with the potential of it being commissioned by M?oriland in 2020.


M?oriland pitch

2x $2,000 pitch prizes for short films that speak to the theme of tohu; Aotearoa supernatural.

M?oriland is looking for the two best ideas to develop as part of a series of Aotearoa based contemporary short films that explore the unseen world around us. Think tohu, supernatural, ethereal.

A requirement of entering the pitch is that M?oriland has first option to the short film script developed with the pitch prize.


M.A.T.C.H tech creative pitch

1x $1,500

Gaming, VR, XR - the opportunities for interactive and immersive storytelling are limitless. What story do you want to tell in the tech Creative space? Do you have a really good idea that you want to develop?