Jacobi's creative campaign aims to lighten our spirits

Posted Wednesday 15 Apr 2020

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 11.33.13 AM

If you're feeling a little low two weeks into lockdown, this will help lift your spirits. Marvellous Miryam Jacobi and a couple of fellow creatives have put together a short campaign video to encourage people to keep holding on, telling each other they will #seeyousoon. Here's how Miryam describes it: "Each person recorded themselves directly onto their phones. We simply asked people to record a message talking to the person they missed the most, and why. We encouraged them to allow whatever came up to emerge - laughter, tears, any feelings/thoughts/emotions. We also asked them to be specific - to embrace the details of taste, smell, touch... I think because the concept was so clear and it is something nearly every single person is experiencing right now, it [all] translated into the cohesion and emotional arc of the piece. Although it was a delicate process - while we were making it some people opted out. We had to be very mindful and respectful as it is such an overwhelming time, and we didn't want to put people under more pressure than they're already facing."

Check it out by clicking here!