Magda will make you smile!

Posted Wednesday 01 Apr 2020

Here's the wonderful Magda Szubanski from The Power of Inclusion Summit. If you've watched this already, watch it again! If you haven't, now's the time - it's sure to put a smile on your face!

Click here to watch

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Watch Pietra Brettkelly's docos online

Posted Wednesday 01 Apr 2020

Check out this selection of fabulous documentaries from Arts Laureate of New Zealand, Sundance award-winning and Oscar-selected filmmaker Pietra Brettkelly. You do have to pay a small fee to watch some of them but what a great way to support a fellow filmmaker!

Yellow Is Forbidden on iTunes and Google Play, Oscar-selected for Best Foreign Film and Best Documentary.

A Flickering Truth on, Oscar-selected for Best Foreign Film, Venice and Toronto Film Festivals.

Maori Boy Genius at, Berlin Film Festival-released.

Beauty Will Save The World at, IDFA-released.