Marvellous viewing for May on the Rialto Channel

Posted Wednesday 29 Apr 2020

Rialto Trial and error

The Rialto Channel has an exciting lineup of short films for May: the Women's Adventure Film Tour is a celebration of inspiring women doing extraordinary things in the name of adventure.

Click here for more info and to watch the trailer!

Here's a taster of what's on in the first week:
Monday 4 May - 8.05pm Pacific Lines
A story of cultural identity and rock climbing exploration as we follow one of Australia's top rock climbers - 14 year old Angie Scarth-Johnson - on an adventure to a remote and rugged island in the South Pacific.

Tuesday 5 May - 8.20pm Trial & Error
Janine Jungfels is sometimes referred to as Australia's "least famous world champion".  Janine is making a name for herself as being Australia's only female Trials rider who competes against the men.

Wednesday 6 May - 8.10pm Mothered By Mountains
Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, Nepal's leading female mountain guide, has been on top of the tallest peaks on Earth. When she teams up to make a first ascent with an unlikely partner - local punk-rock icon, Sareena Rai - they both find that the paths to the greatest summits lie within.  

Thursday 7 May - 8.20pm Intersection
Mountain biker and artist Micayla Gatto (pictured above) rides in and out of her own painted landscapes in her 'Intersection' project.

Friday 8 May - 8.20pm Devotion
One of the UK's most respected climbers Libby Peter reflects on how climbing has shaped her life, from early experiences as a child through to becoming a British Mountain Guide and a mother.