New Zealand Police calling for creative genius to convey Covid-19 messaging

Posted Wednesday 01 Apr 2020

A special message for creatives from the New Zealand Police!

"We are in lockdown for at least a month. During that time there will a huge amount of social media content created by a wide range of people and for different purposes.
For New Zealand Police our purpose is to keep people safe, and to keep connected with people so that they feel our presence either on the streets or through social media.
Our social media platforms have a combined following of 1.3 million people. We want to use them platforms as effectively as possible during this challenging period and that means ensuring that our content is engaging, creative and maintains strong Police and All of Government COVID-19 messaging. We need people to listen to our messages, stay calm, and look after themselves and each other to get through this as best we can.

Here's our challenge to you:
Help us create new content which could be rolled out over the next month. Think about what you can illustrate using video that is harder to convey using static graphics.
Duration: Max 2 minutes
You might want to focus on:
- A COVID-19 safety or wellness message see
- A community message - how to connect/interact/help your neighbours/friends/family
- A personal health and wellbeing message e.g. relationships, managing boredom, being calm, the positives of having time, keeping fit
We are open to ideas, I don't want to be too prescriptive as there are so many avenues to possibly take. Please try and look at it from a Police perspective and why we might want to be giving that message to the community.

Our brand is humorous, but not silly. We can have fun, but be careful who you make fun of. We've rolled out a series with Wellington Paranormal and people are enjoying just a little humour with a serious message (views over 1 million with the first 3 episodes this week). It doesn't have to necessarily be funny though, just engaging.
We understand that it is a difficult time for your industry as well so if we choose to use the video on our social media we will make payment of $1500 per video used.

This is an opportunity to put your creativity to the test and come up with some great content for us to help keep New Zealand informed about COVID19 and how to self-isolate. We won't necessarily use all content provided but will select content that we feel works best at the time. We will of course acknowledge the contributors. If your video isn't shared on our social channels you will be able to share it yourself.

If you are interested in being involved in providing content to be used on New Zealand Police Social media channels, please contact