Screen development production training for M?ori Pan-Asian Pasifika

Posted Wednesday 15 Apr 2020

If you're a producer who identifies as M?ori, Pasifika or Pan-Asian, and you have credible producing experience and a slate of projects in development, then this bespoke screen development training programme may be right for you. The programme is led by Sue Maslin and David Court from Australia's prestigious Compton School. This series of intensive workshops runs from May through November 2020. The programme is designed to provide you with tools and knowledge tailored to your individual needs. The sessions will cover the A-Z of producing from concept and development through distribution and marketing. Spaces are limited to 12 people so a commitment to attend every workshop is essential.

Apply before 4pm Thursday 23 April, 2020.


The course will include:

- interactive workshop sessions every week, delivered online starting Wednesday 20 May 2020

- fortnightly 90 minute webinars

- monthly small group mentor sessions

- guest speakers

-pitching your slate of projects to funders, financiers, platforms and commissioners.

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Next Up...

Boosted to introduce live streaming

Posted Wednesday 15 Apr 2020

Put this date in your diaries! On 24 April Boosted Live is going live. It'll be a place where you can live stream your creative mahi (be it a reading, a 'living room' dance, a gig in your bedroom, or a showcase of your creative process) and be fairly remunerated for it. And if creatives just want to live stream (and not raise funds) they can simply choose a low target. If there are some arts organisations or artists that don't need to raise funds, they might live stream to raise funds for others!

And there are a few other new things happening over the next three months in Boosted:

For the first time ever, the 'all or nothing' structure will be gone, so crowdfunding creatives get to keep all of their donations (minus the 10% Boosted fee), whether they reach their target or not. Now is a great time to trial crowdfunding!

Instead of running standard one-month campaigns for specific creative projects, artists can now:

- Run their crowdfunding campaign for any time frame (from two hours for your live stream, to four weeks).

- Have the option to showcase their work via live steam at multiple times during their campaign, while they crowdfund.

- Record their live stream for their audience to watch at a later date.

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