Short film competition for kids

Posted Monday 13 Apr 2020


Here's a fun way to get kids using their devices for something truly productive during lockdown. Miss Conception Films (a partnership between Ainsley Gardiner and Georgina Conder) is running a short film competition for kids and teenagers up to the age of 16. Kids need to make their own short film that speaks to the theme of 'Finding our way home', using the available devices in their bubble. The stories should demonstrate why people's homes and families are so important to them, and can be documentary, fiction or something in between. Submissions close Friday 8 May, 2020. An easy set of step-by-step guidelines will be available on the Miss Conception Films website. Industry pros will be offering their advice and answering questions via short videos on the Miss Conception Films Facebook page and via short Facebook Live events.

Here are some guidelines:

- There are three age categories: under 10 years, under 13-year-olds and 16 years and under. The age of the director will determine which group the film falls under.
- Films can be any genre, and up to 10 minutes long.
- Film delivery formats: Flash video, MPEG, MP4, QuickTime, WMV (Windows media video).
- Guardian signature required with all final submissions.
- The films can be in English and Te Reo M?ori.
- Films with swear words, nudity or unnecessary violence won't be published.
- An overall winner will be selected from each age range on 10th May.

Stay tuned for information on prizes!


Jackie van Beek and Madeleine Sami: filmmakers, competitions supporters.