Show us your work!

Posted Wednesday 01 Apr 2020

Your fellow WIFT members are multi-talented and working on a variety of stories! This issue we share some of their work with you. If you want to be showcased in the next issue, send an email to Let's help our fellow WIFTi's by driving their numbers up! There is some lovely content here for you to watch, make the most of it!

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Māoriland Film Festival ticket refunds

Posted Wednesday 01 Apr 2020

A quick message from the team at Māoriland Film Festival: if you purchased tickets to the festival online you will have received an automated email from iTicket to confirm a refund or alternatively your choice to donate your ticket purchase to the Māoriland Film Festival. If you have not received this email, please check your spam or contact iTicket directly on
If you purchased your tickets at the Māoriland Hub in person and did not register your details, please send  a picture of your tickets and bank account number to claim your refund to
A third option is to hold onto your festival tickets and they will be honoured at any future screenings once they're open again.