Te Uru artists film Walking About

Posted Wednesday 29 Apr 2020

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Te Uru Wait?kere Contemporary Gallery, in partnership with Christina Houghton and Melissa Laing, is releasing Walking About performances online for free. Walking About is a contemporary art series that explores the relationship between walking and art. Artists explore how we might walk together and experience art together, while staying in our bubbles. Melissa Laing and Mustaq Missouri (above) were rehearsing Standing at the Edge when the announcement of the Lockdown happened, and so filmed the 45-minute performance as they walked through the town centre of North West Westgate while local shops began to close down.

The performance, a scripted monologue delivered over the course of a walk, explored relationships between property, debt, work and community as they play out on the suburban fringes of Auckland.

Click here to watch

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Need an international culture fix?

Posted Wednesday 29 Apr 2020


Staying put because of the Coronavirus does have a bit of a bright side: it's the perfect excuse to indulge in some armchair travel via your device. Fancy a bit of Shakespeare on stage? A tour of the British Museum? Or an opera performance which you can pause when it gets too much? Check out this list of international virtual offerings!


The National Theatre is hosting its live productions every Thursday, free to stream on YouTube for seven days.

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The British Museum lets viewers examine the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies and other ancient wonders.
Click here to take the 360-degree virtual tour.

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is hosting over 800 films for free including IDFA DocLab showcasing the best interactive non-fiction storytelling and explores how the digital revolution is reshaping documentary art.
Click here to see the selection.

Organisers of the Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival have made three short films from the Iris archive available for free on their YouTube channel. The films are all directed by women who have made short films with the �30,000 Iris Prize, sponsored by the Michael Bishop Foundation.
See more details here.

The Metropolitan Opera is hosting an Opera Nightly Stream, where you can tune in daily to its free performance streams.

Find out more here.

The Royal Opera House is hosting a selection of live productions free to stream each week.

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MAGE/ nationaltheatre.org.uk