Acting masterclasses with Vicky Yiannoutsos

Posted Wednesday 05 Aug 2020

Acting masterclasses with Vicky Yiannoutsos

Actors, here's a fantastic opportunity to recharge your acting muscles. This twice weekly, five-week masterclass will train you to create believable characters and emotionally connected relationships on screen. Working in pairs with scripts, you'll learn the Art of Relating from acting coach, editor, director and producer Vicky Yiannoutsos. It will allow you to maximise creative choices and train you to bring your instincts to the screen. Benefits include strengthening and recharging idle acting muscles, removing blocks, deeper emotional connection, and improved sight-reading skills. These classes are also suitable for writers and directors keen to explore acting techniques which develop character and deepen story, as well as provide tools to better communicate with actors.

When: 17 August - 16 September 2020, 7pm - 9.30pm

Where: Maxwell Ave Studios, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Cost: $490 (10% Equity and guild discount)

Register by contacting Vicky at:  ph 027 233 4333.
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VIcky Yiannoutsos

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