Sue Maslin on releasing Brazen Hussies amid a pandemic

Posted Tuesday 08 Dec 2020

Here's an interesting case study for you, as reported in Back in July, when every cinema around the country was shut, Sue Maslin took a leap: she committed to a three month marketing and P&A campaign for feature documentary Brazen Hussies.

Today the film, distributed via Maslin's Film Art Media, stands at $AUD103,000 at the box office.

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Advanced Storytelling for Television with John Yorke

Posted Tuesday 08 Dec 2020

John Yorke

Understanding the nature and make up of storytelling is essential for developing TV programming. John Yorke has been behind some of the biggest hits in television (including Wolf Hall, Shameless, Life on Mars) and has distilled that knowledge into a detailed course.

In twenty sessions over two modules, this online course will explore all the key components of storytelling and how they apply to every format of scripted drama.

Who should apply:


Script Editors

Story Editors

Development Executives

Executive Producers


Module 1: Structure and Story Rules 25-29 January, 2021 | Module 2: Character and Dialogue 15-19 February, 2021

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