VIDEO SLOT Amy Bowie's First To See The Sun

Posted Wednesday 09 Dec 2020

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WIFT member Amy Bowie's beautiful upbeat song First To See The Sun is definitely worth sharing! It features in Project Sunrise - Te Whitinga o te R?, which we mentioned in the last issue, and which was conceived by Jan Hellreigel's Songbroker Music Publishing in the uneasy, early days of the Covid lockdowns as a way to help keep their artists positive and engaged while the world battened down the hatches. Amy is a singer-songwriter based in Christchurch.

Turn the sound up and click the image to listen!


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Courage in Journalism Awards

Posted Wednesday 09 Dec 2020

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The Courage in Journalism Awards show people that female journalists are not going to step aside, cannot be silenced, and deserve to be recognised for their strength in the face of adversity. It honours the brave journalists who report on taboo topics, work in environments hostile to women, and share difficult truths.

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