Catch After Munich at The Capitol

Posted Sunday 16 Feb 2020

After Munich

Aucklanders, support a fellow filmmaker and get along to Doc Edge's one-night-only screening of Francine Zuckerman's After Munich. Francine is visiting from Canada and will do a Q&A after the screening.
The film covers the aftermath of 5 September 1972, the tenth day of the Munich Olympics,when the Palestinian terrorist group Black September stormed the Israeli athletes' quarters. The world watched live on television as 11 hostages were taken and later killed, and now, for the first time, this story is told through the eyes of four women directly impacted by that day: an athlete, a widow, and two undercover agents. Their fates redirected. Their well-being and views impacted by the trauma. It's a story of intrigue; secret identities; love and death; conflict and reconciliation; war and peace.

6:15, Wednesday 26 February, 2020.
Where: Capitol Cinema, Balmoral Auckland.