Oh, how 'Little Women's' Marmee has changed!

Posted Wednesday 05 Feb 2020

Fans of the Greta Gerwig adaptation of Little Women (in New Zealand cinemas now), can't stop talking about Marmee March's confession to her headstrong daughter Jo that "I'm angry nearly every day of my life." It's a line that had never been spoken on film, and only once in a television mini-series, and is one of the things Laura Dern, who plays Marmee in Gerwig's adaptation, tells The New York Times she is happiest about.


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Could 2020 be a turning point for female film-makers?

Posted Wednesday 05 Feb 2020

We're glad to hear that last month's Sundance film festival showcased more works than ever from women. Now, reports The Guardian, a string of blockbusters is set to slowly level the playing field.