Speak up on commercial video on-demand classifications

Posted Tuesday 21 Jan 2020

Have your say on changes to commercial video on-demand classifications! The Films, Videos, and Publications Classification (Commercial Video on-Demand) Amendment Bill aims to reduce the potential for harm to consumers from viewing inappropriate content.

The Bill would amend the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993 (the Act) to clearly address the identified regulatory gap. It would require:- Specified CVoD providers to label content before it is available in New Zealand.
- Criteria and processes to be established to identify and list regulated providers.
- Functions of the Classification Office to be updated.
- Amending the definition of film to clarify that it includes video on-demand content.The bill would require that commercial video on-demand (CVoD) content that is made available in New Zealand display appropriate and consistent labelling, if the provider is specified in the Schedule to the bill. This labelling will provide information about that content's rating and a description so that viewers can make an informed decision on whether to view it.

Tell the chair of the Governance and Administration Committee what you think!