Peeperkoorn and Beale's film premieres in Shanghai Film Festival

Posted Wednesday 08 Jul 2020

Peeperkoorn and Beale's film premieres in Shanghai Film Festival

We're thrilled to hear that the feature film The Turn of the Screw produced by Nicola Peeperkoorn and Emma Beale will have its world premiere at the Shanghai International Film Festival in late July.

Directed by Wellingtonian Alex Galvin and shot entirely in Wellington, the film is an adaptation of the classic Henry James ghost story, but set in present-day Wellington. Actress Julia is a last-minute replacement for another actress at the dress rehearsal of a stage play version of The Turn of the Screw, set in 1890. Arriving at the theatre late that night, Julia is immediately thrown on stage and into her role, playing to an empty auditorium. As she interacts with the other characters and the story becomes increasingly terrifying, she begins to believe that not only is the fictitious house haunted� but also the theatre itself!

The film will screen at the Embassy Cinema Wellington (get tickets for this event here) in its New Zealand premiere on Thursday 6 August at 7.00 pm, and in Auckland on Wednesday 12 August at Event Cinemas Westfield Newmarket.

Click here to watch the trailer

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A reminder from ScreenSafe on working with children

Posted Wednesday 08 Jul 2020

ScreenSafe recommends that productions working with children, and especially those filming at schools or events which host a significant number of children, undertake vetting of all production crew, and employ a Safety Officer to monitor the production's interaction with the children. Productions need to be aware that they need to 'mitigate the risk' as stated in the Health and Safety Act. Therefore, productions need to analyse their situation and make sure that children are not put in any danger.

ScreenSafe is working on more in-depth information that will become available in the coming weeks. All people who work in schools but are employed or engaged as a children's worker by another organisation should be safety checked by their employing organisation.

Click here for the Ministry of Education Information for Vetting

Police vetting information:
Workforce safety checks involve gathering a range of key information about a person and evaluating this information to determine whether they pose any risk in being employed working with children. The regulations require that the worker safety checks include: identity verification and police vetting.

Click here for information on the Police Vetting Process