Survey shows a dramatic shift in how children access media

Posted Wednesday 08 Jul 2020

New Zealand's children are increasingly consuming stories, songs and games on international media and platforms, missing out on local content which is potentially having an impact on their sense of identity and belonging, finds a report by New Zealand On Air.

Some of the key findings include:

- YouTube (51%) and Netflix (47%) have the highest daily reach and children spend the longest time watching content here.
- Of local options, TVNZ 1 at 16% daily reach and TVNZ 2 at 15% have highest reach.
- More than 50% of children say they feel good when they watch stories about NZ and see children that look and speak like them

- Most children (65%) don't have a favourite NZ-made show

- 49% of children aged 6-14 are aware of HEIHEI and 17% have used it

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