Transgender drama aims to save lives

Posted Wednesday 22 Jul 2020

Check out the latest Flip the Script conversation produced by Brough Johnson's Narrative Muse. Transgender writer/producer Cole Meyers talks to fellow trans artist Ramon Te Wake about their new groundbreaking drama series called Rūrangi, which stars Meyers, and which Craig Gainsborough produced.

Narrative Muse is a website matching user with personalised recommendations of books and movies written and directed by women and non-binary storytellers.

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The NZ TV Awards are happening!

Posted Wednesday 22 Jul 2020

Roll out the red carpet, the New Zealand Television Awards are back - yes, as a proper event! The Gala and Craft ceremonies will be combined into one celebratory event, and the Awards will be supper-style with table seating for guests. Tickets will be on sale from 30 September, so watch this space!
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When: Wednesday November 18, 2020

Where: Shed 10 in Auckland