Posted Wednesday 10 Jun 2020


Got a spare four minutes? We're sure you have, so check out this latest short film from Candlelit Pictures. Walkies is the debut of writer/director/actor Sez Niederer. Featuring original music by Kiwi artist Mainard Larkin (aka RANDA), a peculiar crime and an adorable doggo, Walkies is four minutes of fun!

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So much funding for WIFT members!

Posted Wednesday 10 Jun 2020

Congratulations to all WIFT members who are principals in the following companies, and to all the individual WIFT members who stand alone. This NZFC funding round was a successful one for so many of you - excellent news! We've listed the fund name, the company, and its awarded amount below.


Augusto: $75,000

Piki Films: $75,000

Wheke Group: $59,000

Wrestler: $75,000

He Ara

Māoriland Charitable Trust awarded amount: $50,000

Multinesia awarded amount: $50,000

Sandy Lane Productions awarded amount: $50,000

Boost Up

Angela Cudd (producer) awarded amount: $24,000

Morgan Waru (producer) awarded amount: $25,000

Verity Mackintosh (producer) awarded amount: $25,000

Additional business development grants of $25,000 were awarded to:

Awa Films

Brown Sugar Apple Grunt

Cadness Street

Carthew Neal (producer)

Catherine Fitzgerald (producer)

Firefly Films

Greenstone TV

Jill Macnab (producer)

Overactive Imagination

Screentime NZ

Southern Light Films