Support your fellow Wifters with a BOOST!

Posted Monday 16 Mar 2020

Rouzie Hassanova
and Francesca Carney plan to shoot their short film Girls at the beginning of May but they'd love some (financial) help to do so! Written and directed by Bulgarian born Hassanova, Girls is a coming-of-age comedy drama about teen sisters who must hitchhike to get home. Complications arise when they're picked up by gang members. Based on a true story, the film explores universal themes, weaving together cultures, lands and languages. Produced by Carney and edited by Francesca Sewell, the project was awarded funding from the Emerging Artist Trust (EAT) in Wellington, then launched a BOOSTED campaign to match the EAT grant to help pay for some much-needed production costs. In under two weeks, they've exceeded all expectations and reached their $6000 target, so they've stretched their goal to $8000 to try and raise additional funds for quality grip gear, sound mix and grade. 
Click here to go to the BOOSTED page and donate to Girls