Posted Monday 16 Mar 2020


This is Us is a series of digital stories created by Iranian-New Zealand film-maker Ghazaleh Golbakhsh (pictured left) in response to the mosque attacks on March 15 last year. After Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said, "they are us", some Muslims were left wondering who she meant by "they" in her well-meaning but rather problematic declamation. In this series, Golbakhsh asks New Zealand Muslims what they love the most. Sometimes the answer is simple - tennis, the beach or the great outdoors. Some answers lead into deeper contexts such as the strong connections between Islam and tangata whenua or how the love of cooking allows someone to learn about patience. Some stories tackle harder issues such as xenophobia faced by a family which has been here for over a century or the realities of life since the attacks. The series aims to delight with stories that are ordinary yet special; unique yet universal.

IMAGE/Sascha Stejko

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Doc Edge Clinic on prepping to pitch

Posted Monday 16 Mar 2020


Get your project in front of funders, commissioners, and potential partners at Doc Edge Clinic #2, Prepare to Pitch! This latest Clinic features producer Julia Parnell (Loading Docs, The Chills and the upcoming SIX60: Till The Lights Go Out), writer and director Kath Akuhata-Brown (Poi E, The Chills) and editor Simon Coldrick (By the Balls, Erebus, Tickled). Doc Edge Clinic #2 focuses on prepping to pitch, with presenters addressing pitch documents, pitch teaser video, and turning ideas into a budget. The Clinic will look in detail at what makes a good documentary pitch, documentary story development, proposal writing, and creating audio-visual supporting material. It's open to all, but is especially timely for anybody putting the finishing touches to their applications to Doc Edge Pitch.

Applications to Doc Edge Clinic #2 close 30 March, 2020.

28 Mar 2020, 11:00am-2:00pm
Where: University of Auckland Conference Centre, 22 Symonds Street, Auckland